When and how can I play in an orchestra?

General Information

Who can play in the orchestras of KUG?


The course called "Orchestra" is a part of the instrumental study program of Orchestra instruments. In the Bachelor’s program (length of study is 8 semesters), the course has 24 ECTS credits; in the Master’s program (4 semesters), it has 8 ECTS credits.

Online registration for the orchestra courses takes place exclusively via KUGoline. Please pay attention to the advanced application dates. An online registration to the orchestra course is an essential requirement to achieve ECTS credits for the course.

For the KUG-Orchester and opera production courses, registration via the web is open for compulsory subjects (PF) and free electives (FWF).

Registration or participation in Orchestra as a free elective is possible at any time, but this registration or participation does not count for Orchestra as a compulsory subject.

If it is not possible to assign students to neither the KUG-Orchester nor the opera prodution courses, we offer compulsory courses in the following order to enable them getting appropriate experiences in orchestra productions: Sinfonisches Universitätsblasorchester, Ensemble für Musik nach 1950 (performance practice), Capella Calliope (only violoncello) and Brass Band. It is not possible to register for these compulsory courses on one's own. To take part in these ensembles, it is necessary to discuss this with the Office of Orchestra Management.

It is possible to play in the following ensembles in the first four semesters of the Bachelor’s program, with a maximum total of 12 ECTS credits and/or 4 ECTS credits per semester: Sinfonisches Blasorchester (in Oberschützen Pannonisches Blasorchester), Ensemble für Musik nach 1950 (performance practice), Capella Calliope (only cellos) and Brass Band.

Students in the Master’s program mainly take part, if it is possible, in KUG orchestra productions and/or play in the opera orchestra.

Participation in the opera orchestra is primarily reserved for Bachelor’s students, beginning with the 5th semester, and/or Master’s students. In exceptional cases, the Office of Orchestra Management may allow students to take part at an earlier stage if they have the artistic capability.

Concerning important positions in the orchestra, the course instructors can either hold auditions or decide on restrictions for their allocation. 


Is there any support for auditions?


Information about preparing for auditions may be obtained at the Career Service Center of KUG.

Contact person: Lydia Batiza (phone extension 1203)


What are the possibilites for students in Oberschützen?


The following ensembles are open to students at Oberschützen if they need to increase their orchestral practice time in order to acquire extra ECTS credits: Opernorchester and KUG-Orchester.

Concerning the Orchestra in Oberschützen, you may obtain further information on the Homepage of that Institute.

Contact person: Petra Unger (phone extension 3120)

Orchestra Substitutes

Is there any other possibility to participate in an orchestra?


It is possible for students of Orchestra instruments in the field of Instrumental Studies to participate in projects as orchestra substitutes. Registration via KUGonline is not necessary for this. If you are interested, please ask at the Office of Orchestra Management.
The same formal requirements and rules for attendance, as outlined in KUGonline, apply here. The remuneration for students who are playing paid is carried out according to the process of credit achievement.