Who should I contact if I am a student with a handicap?

Students with special needs


Who should I contact?


KUG takes care to offer the best possible individual support for students with special needs (e.g. because of a physical handicap).

The vice-rector for academic affairs functions as the representative for disabled persons.

Concerning alternative examination methods the vice-rector for academic affairs (contact point/arranging an appointment: staff office of the vice-rector) has to be contacted.

Furthermore the ÖH-KUG is available for all students.



What kind of support can I get?


The representative for disabled persons provides information corresponding to the individual situation. He also coordinates all necessary measures for these students at KUG.

Due to a cooperative agreement between KUG and the Karl-Franzens-Universität in Graz, visually impaired and blind students can use the facilities that are there at the "Zentrum Integriert Studieren" ("ZIS"). Thus, when it is warranted and necessary, these students will be provided with appropriate texts and other materials for their use. KUG will bear the costs for this (see also here).


Further information:

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