How do I start my studies?

Registering for the study programme


What do I have to do?



! It is highly recommended to all that start their studies at KUG to join the Welcome Information Day (every Winter Term) and save the date/week !





Will I receive a student identity card?


Since the winter semester 2011/2012, the former student identity document is replaced by the so-called KUGcard.

For new students, the KUGcard will always be assigned during the time of initial approval at the Registrar´s Office.

Please take note of the general information about the KUGcard and the information about the KUGcard for students.


University Courses

Information about the courses you should attend as well as information about how to find them and how to register for them through KUGonline can be found here.



Information for New Students


Is there an information event for new students?


At the beginning of each winter semester a "Welcome Information Day" takes place at KUG.

Here you will obtain important information concerning the beginning of your studies and your orientation at KUG.



Where do I find information according to § 66, paragraph 3, of the University Act of 2002 (§ 66: Orientation Period)?


Under Legal provisions, you will find the essential conditions of the university regulations and student grants legislation as well as the legal basis for the advancement of women and protection against discrimination.

Under Important organizations at KUG, you will also find, among other things, information about student participation in the governing bodies of the university.

In the overview of the Fields of study, you will find the curriculum for your studies. This also includes the Achievement Goals of graduates, information about the initial study phase as well as – indicated in the timetable – the courses recommended in the first two semesters.

In the Student statistics ("Studierendenstatistik", German only) in KUGonline, you can form a picture for yourself about the number of students (excluding concurrently enrolled students), enrolled and concurrently enrolled studies, completed studies, etc. Take note that at the top right-hand corner, you can switch between different years of study and semesters, and select the desired statistics.

And a lot of relevant information concerning starting the studies and studying can be found in this guide to "How to study at KUG?" in the respective sections.


What else should I know?

Here you can find a short information "Good to know".