How do I communicate?

At KUG campus


How do I find the facilities and contact persons at KUG?


Overview on the facilities at KUG.



What is KUGonline?


KUGonline is the campus management system at KUG.

You will find all further information about this here (German only at the moment).



How do I get my email address?


All students automatically receive a KUG email address. Please use this address regularly, because you will receive all important information from KUG concerning your studies at this address!

You will find further information about this here (German language only at the moment).



What are the IT (Information Technology) infrastructures available for students at the KUG campus?




At home and on the move


How do I access my KUG emails and KUGonline from home and when I am not at home?


KUGonline can be accessed worldwide by the address or by the link at the upper right-hand corner of this page.

Your KUG emails can be accessed worldwide by the address .




Where can I get a mobile phone?


Providers of mobile phones (contract or prepaid card*) can i.a. be found here:


Here you can find a simulator for mobile phone rates (German language only).  

* Since 2019 prepaid card registration required. 




How can I get a fixed network phone and/or internet connection at home?


Providers of fixed network phones and internet connections can i.a. be found here:


In addition, the providers of mobile phones named above also offer mobile internet connections.

Here you can find Wlan Hotsopts in the city of Graz.



>>> Here you can find an information sheet about "How do I communicate..." (Telecommunications, Internet & Co)