What can I study?

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Courses Offered


  • regular Degree Programs are offered in 16 fields of study and in addition,
  • a variety of Non-Degree Programs (University Courses) are offered to promote young artistic talent and provide further academic postgraduate education.


You can find an overview about the Degree Programs in the various fields of study here.

The fields of study include the following different types of studies:

  • Bachelor´s Programs
  • Master´s Programs
  • Diploma Programs
  • Doctoral Programs

Depending on the chosen type of study certain requirements have to be fulfilled. General information can be found here

You can find an overview about the instruments that are offered for study in the fields of Instrumental Studies, Music Education – Voice and Instruments (IGP) and Jazz here.


You can find an overview about the Non-Degree Programs that are offered here.

Here you can find important information about the respective admission requirements.



Further information that may be interesting to you:

  • A general overview of the Austrian higher education system can be found here.
  • You can find further general information about the programs that are offered for studying at KUG here.
  • And you will find here further ways of forming a picture for yourself about studying at KUG – that is, "taster courses at KUG".