Master Communication, Media, Sound and Interaction Design - Sound Design


Admission to the Master´s Programme Communication, Media, Sound and Interaction Design - Sound Design (in cooperation with FH JOANNEUM – University of Applied Sciences)

For the admission to the Master's Programme you have to pass an entrance exam, which takes place at the FH JOANNEUM.

Besides you have to fulfil the following requirements in order to be able to participate in the entrance exam:

German and English are languages ​​of instruction; therefore a proof of sufficient knowledge of these languages is required. Sufficient knowledge of the languages will be determined during the entrance exam. If sufficient knowledge can not be determined here, but all other requirements have been fulfilled, a supplementary examination (level B2/CEFR) is required. See here for the required German language competency for studies at application/admission. 

completion of a relevant equivalent Bachelor's Degree* at a recognized post-secondary educational institution (e.g. "Information Design" at FHJ or Study Programmes at technical universities or universities of the arts in the field of design, graphic design, interaction design, usability design, communication design, media design, artistic design, architecture, interior design, stage design, marketing, computer science and journalism).


* Should it be unclear if the admission requirements are met the Head of the Degree Programme at the FH JOANNEUM will decide whether the application can be considered or not. A final decision will be made after the submission of your complete application. The Head of the Degree Programme also decides, if you have to attend any additional workshops, exercises and courses in the 1st and 2nd semester.


The admission process at the FH JOANNEUM is made up of the following parts:

a complete application (more information can be found here)

an online-portfolio (more information can be found here)

a written assessment test plus creativity exam (more information can be found here)

an interview with the admission committee (more information can be found here).

an assessment of previous qualifications / practical professional experience


After successfully passing the entrance exam and doing the enrolment you will be admitted at both institutions, at the FHJ as well as at the KUG, as a regular student with all rights and obligations as specified in FHStG and UG.

Please mind: After the enrolment at the FH JOANNEUM do not forget to do the online-registration at KUG, so that we also have your data, and then please come personally in the Registrar´s Office of KUG (Palais Meran, Leonhardstrasse 15, 8010 Graz, ground floor) with your relevant documents and your valid photo ID to complete your enrolment and receive your KUGcard (student card).




Also noteBasically the student union fee has to be paid only once. If you have paid it twice, once at FHJ and once at KUG (unfortunately this multiple payment for concurrent enrolment at a university and a FH is necessary in advance due to technical reasons), you can apply for a refund. Information can be found here.



Further information:

  • Here you can find the exact dates for the admission process at the FHJ in time.
  • Here are further important information from the FH JOANNEUM about the Study Programme. 
  • Here you can find more information from the KUG about the Study Programme.
  • A step-by-step instruction for the online-registration at KUG can be found here.
  • Here you can find information about beginning your studies at KUG.
  • For questions about planning and beginning your study at KUG you can contact the Welcome Center at KUG.


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