General Information on Entrance Exams

Entrance exams


Which study programs require an entrance exam?


Admission to all fields of study at KUG, with the exception of "Musicology", is dependent on proof of artistic aptitude for the chosen field (according to § 63 p. 1 no. 4 of the University Act of 2002 idgF).

Graduates of the Bachelor’s Program at KUG, as a rule, basically do not need to pass another entrance exam and/or take a new aptitude test in order to be admitted to the Master’s Program in the same field of study. Exact instructions are to be found in the respective curricula.

For Music Education / Instrumental Music Education an admission procedure with three steps has to be completed. Information about the first and second step can be found here: Please read all inormation carefully! An online-application for the third step, the artistic entrance exam for Music Education and Instrumental Music Education at KUG, is required in addition (see the overview of the dates below).



When do the entrance exams take place?


Overview on the dates


How can I apply for the entrance exam?


  • Note the dates (see above)

First please note all important dates and deadlines! Please note that not every institute offers an entrance exam on each date.

  • Apply online for the entrance exam

First you have to create an applicant account via KUGonline (Note: If you are already a student of KUG you do not have to create a new applicant account - you can log in onto KUGonline via your student-account and add a new application for the respective study programme)

After creating an applicant account you will automatically receive an e-mail, in order to be able to activate your account (please note your user name).

After activating your account - by assigning a password - you can log in onto KUGonline.

On your business card you will find the point "applications", where adding an application is possible.

In your account you can also find the dates and the invitation for the entrance exam, as soon as your application is checked and the dates are fixed by the Registrar´s Office. You will automatically receive an e-mail - then you can print your invitation (please bring a copy of your invitation to the entrance exam).

Here you can find an instruction about how to apply online.

>>> Also see below for the tutorial about the online application procedure!



What happens at the entrance exams? What do I have to know?


Basically the artistic entrance exams consist of a theoretical part and a practical one. Basically passing the theoretical part is a prerequisite to participate in the practical part.

The procedure and the requirements for the entrance exams are defined in the curricula under the relevant study fields. You will find these in the overview about the courses that are offered.

You can find further information about the entrance exam of the respective study programmes also on the left-hand-side by clicking!

For Music Education / Music Education - Instruments, passing an online self-assessment as well as a general computer-based admission test it required before taking the artistic entrance exam at KUG is possible.


What do I have to do after passing the entrance exam?


After passing the entrance exam you are not automatically admitted to the study programme - the enrolment has to be done personally in time at the Registrar´s Office.

Here you can find all important information about the initial approval.


Further Information:

>>> Here you can find further information about accomodation options during the period of taking part at the entrance exams.  

Here you can find tutorials about the online application procedure:

Important addition: Please also mind the required German langauge competency at application/admission here.


PART 1 (What you should consider before the online application in general?)

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PART 2 (How to apply online) - based on the example of the Bachelor´s Programme Instrumental Studies

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PART 2 (How to apply online) - based on the example of the Master´s Programme Instrumental Studies

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PART 2 (How to apply online) - based on the example of the Diploma´s Programme Stage Design

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Online-Registration based on the example of the Bachelor´s Programme Musicology

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