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Admission to the Bachelor´s Programme Jazz (Instrumental/Vocals)

The following requirements have to be fulfilled for an admission to the Bachelor´s Programme Jazz (Instrumental/Vocals):

  • Candidates must be at least 17 years old
  • Successful passing of an entrance exam


First of all please apply online for the entrance exam according to the application deadline (01 March). The entrance exams for the Bachelor´s Programme Jazz only take place once each year (in May or June).

See here for the required German language competency for studies at application/admission.


You can choose the following instruments – as well as Vocals – for the Bachleor´s Programme Jazz:

Double Bass, Drums, Guitar, Piano, Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet.


The entrance exam consists of the following parts: 


Part 1

Test of aural skills and knowledge of music theory (with special emphasis on the requirements specific to jazz): triads and four-note chords, melodic dictation, rhythmic dictation as well as scales.

Duration: 1 – 1.5 hours


Part 2

Test of piano skills (not required for pianists): playing simple jazz-like cadences in major and minor, after they are announced.


The successful completion of these parts is a prerequisite for the participation in the artistic part.


Part 3

  • Practical test with a rhythm section: candidates should prepare 4 pieces in different tempi from the jazz repertoire: one piece with Stufenharmonik (Roman numerals), one modal piece, one Blues piece and one piece of free choice. A rhythm section will be provided: Appropriate sheet music should be brought for this.
  • Solo practical test: candidates should prepare one through-composed (written-out) piece (etude or transcription).
  • Test of sight-reading ability: the exam committee will provide easy examples, appropriate for jazz.


Here you can find further information about the entrance exam.

Here you can find the curriculum.


Please mind: After successfully passing the entrance exam you are not automatically admitted to the Bachelor´s Programme – the enrolment has to be done personally at the Registrar´s Office (Palais Meran, Leonhardstrasse 15, ground floor, 8010 Graz) in time! See also “How will I be admitted to the study program?”.

Further information:


  • The Institute Jazz is also available on Facebook (Institut Jazz – Kunstuni Graz).  
  • The current entrance exam dates are available in time here.

  • A step-by-step instruction for the online-application for the entrance exam can be found here.

    • Note: If you are already studying at KUG you do not have to create an online-applicant account, as we have your data already stored in our KUGonline system. Please log in with your student account and have a look at your KUGonline business card, in order to add a new application for the entrance exam for the respective Study Programme. For specific advice please contact:

  • The current deadlines and dates for the admission to the studies are available here in time.
  • Information about costs, grants and allowances at KUG can be found here.  
  • Here you can find information about beginning your studies at KUG.
  • For questions about planning and beginning your study at KUG you can contact the Welcome Center.


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