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Admission to the Bachelor´s Programme Computermusic

Admission to the Bachelor´s Programme Computermusic presupposes the successfully passing of an entrance exam. Please apply online for the entrance exam according to the chosen application deadline (3 June).

See here for the required German language competency for studies at application/admission.



The entrance exam, which takes place at the IEM (the exact dates will be communicated to you online in time), consists of two parts:

  • Part 1 – written test

(about 120 min.):

a) Written Aural Test 1: Seashore Test with headphones

Here are some practice examples (incl. solution).

b) Written Aural Test 2: Recognition of scale types (major/minor), triads, melodic dictation with a given rhythm, rhythmic dictation with a given pitch progression etc.

Here you can find a sample test.

c) Music Theory Test: Review of your music theory knowledge (forming and/or analyzing a series of intervals, forming a scale with the scalar triads, scale analysis and formation etc.).

Here you can find a sample test.

The successful passing of the first part is a precondition for being considered for the second part.

  • Part 2 - Interview:

The second part of the entrance exam consists of an interview that is to be held in either German or English. The basis for the interview is formed by two artistic works (e.g. sound installations, documentation about the performance or interpretation of music compositions for computer, the development of instruments used in computer music or other usages in the area of music informatics) that applicants have to hand in as an audio-document or video-document two weeks before the application-deadline (3 June) via E-Mail to: bergner(at)  



For further information about the entrance exam please consult directly the website of the IEM, here you also can find and a reading list for the preparation of the entrance exam 


Please mind: After successfully passing the entrance exam you are not automatically admitted to the Study Programme – the enrolment has to be done personally at the Registrar´s Office (Palais Meran, Leonhardstrasse 15, ground floor) in time! See also “How will I be admitted to the study program?”


Further information:


  • The current entrance exam dates are available in time here.
  • A step-by-step instruction for the online-application for the entrance exam can be found here.

    • Note: If you are already studying at KUG you do not have to create an online-applicant account, as we have your data already stored in our KUGonline system. Please log in with your student account and have a look at your KUGonline business card, in order to add a new application for the entrance exam for the respective Study Programme. For specific advice please contact:

  • The current deadlines and dates for the admission to the studies are available here in time.
  • Information about costs, grants and allowances at KUG can be found here 
  • Here you can find information about beginning your studies at KUG.
  • For questions about planning and beginning your studies at KUG you can contact the Welcome Center.


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